20th - "vom Hellerwald"Image

* August 6th, 2017

7 black males, 1 black female


Roxy vom Hellerwald

BH, ZTP V1A, IPO 1 (98-95-96), HD-1, vWd-carrier, Dilute-free

more information here


Varus vom Hellerwald
Veit vom Hellerwald
Victor vom Hellerwald
Viper vom Hellerwald
Virus vom Hellerwald
Voenix vom Hellerwald
Votan vom Hellerwald
Vita vom Hellerwald

19th - "van de Donauhoeve"Image

* June 16th, 2017

2 black males


Jada delle Due Donne

BH, ZTP V1A, Körung ZVA Ia, IPO I, Belgian Selection, DVIN DGT (Dutch socialisation test): 70/75 DVIN DKT (Dutch character test): 97/100 A CQN tracking & defense, HD/A2, Dilute DD, Dutch - Belgian - Dutch Youth Champion, KCM Winner, FCI Centenary European Youth Winner 2011

more information here


Quin van de Donauhoeve
Quian van de Donauhoeve

18th - "Inborn Fortuna"Image

* May 2nd, 2017

1 black male, 3 black females


Inborn Fortuna Ziva-Zeodora

BH, IPO 2, HD-B, vWd-free, MH-free, res-CAC

more information here


Inborn Fortuna Richard the Lionheart
Inborn Fortuna Riana My Soul for Neerlands Stam
Inborn Fortuna Riva Vejle
Inborn Fortuna Roksolana for Anberi

17th - "Taikaviita"Image

* April 20th, 2017

3 black males, 3 brown males, 3 black females


Taikaviitan Uusi-Unelma

auscultation examination - murmur: no symptoms, auscultation examination - murmur grade : I, summary of echocardiography and ecg: no signs of heart disease, myxomatous mitral valve disease: a, dilated cardiomyopathy: a, subaortic stenosis: a, pulmonic stenosis: a, liver examination/cah/alat: normal,
lumbosacral transitional vertebra: LTV0 (normal), spondylosis: SP1 (grade 1, mild),
vertebral anomaly: VA0 (normal), lumbosacral transitional vertebra: LTV0 (normal),
ED 0/0, HD A/A, eye examination: no evidence of inherited eye diseases

more information here


Taikaviitan Xi-Xä

16th - "vom Hellerwald"Image

* March 29th, 2017

2 males, 1 female


Jamie vom Hellerwald

BH/VT, ZTP SG1A, IPO 3, HD 1, vWd-clear, Dilute-heterozygous

more information here


Ultimo vom Hellerwald
Uno vom Hellerwald
Ultra vom Hellerwald

15th - "Ataraxie's"Image

* December 7th, 2016

1 black male, 1 brown male, 5 black females, 1 brown female


Brückendorfer Azzra

BH, ZTP SG1A, HD-1, ED-free, Wobbler Syndrome-free, CES-free, Dilute D/D, vWD-carrier, eyes tested - ok, heart ultrasound - ok (October 2014), 24-h-holter - ok (August 2016), PDK4 DNA-DCM1-free (September 2016)

more information here


Ataraxie's Gandalf
Ataraxie's Gollum
Ataraxie's Giannanannini
Ataraxie's Ginalollobrigida
Ataraxie's Gingerrogers
Ataraxie's Gladysknight
Ataraxie's Glennclose
Ataraxie's Gracekelly

14th - "Agito’s"Image

* November 21st, 2016

2 black males, 1 black female


Zaika Zorka von Trokadero


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13th - "del Fiorsilva"Image

* September 25th, 2016

1 brown male, 3 black females, 1 brown female


America del Fiorsilva


more information here


Byron del Fiorsilva
Bea del Fiorsilva
Britta Baruffa Fiorsilva
Blumoon del Fiorsilva
Baya Raya del Fiorsilva

12th - "dei Nobili Nati"Image

* July 1st, 2016

1 black male, 1 black female, 1 brown female


Kassandra Keira dei Nobili Nati

BH, ZTP V1B, IPO 2 , HD 1

more information here


Nair dei Nobili Nati

11th - "Briska's"Image

* June 13th, 2016

3 black males, 3 brown males, 1 black female


Tequila von Utgard

BH, MH, UHP, HD-B, vWd-clear, PHTVL-PHPV free, 24 Holter & ultrasound free (April 2015 + 2016)

more information here


Briska's Kalle
Briska's Karat
Briska's Kola
Briska's Kaspar
Briska's Kay
Briska's Kola
Briska's Kaisa


10th - "von der Töpferstadt"Image

* 17. Januar 2016

1 black male, 5 black females


Gill von der Töpferstadt


more information here


Ique von der Töpferstadt
Indira von der Töpferstadt
Infinity von der Töpferstadt
Ingrid von der Töpferstadt
Ira von der Töpferstadt
Irish Coffee von der Töpferstadt
9th - "Donsa Bohemia"Image

* 01. Januar 2016

5 black males, 3 black females


Cortina Donsa from 14th Meridian

BH, IPO2, ZVV1, Spr1, ZTP V1A, HD-A, LMU Munich 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015 HOLTER (24 EKG) - neg. 15 min. EKG - neg. echokardiography - neg. doppler - neg. sono - neg. blood test - negative, Czech - Austrian Champion, 2x CACIB

more information here


Bormio Donsa Bohemia
Bradley Donsa Bohemia

8th - "vom Burgenland"Image

* 18. November 2015

2 black males, 2 brown males, 1 black female


Galina vom Burgenland

BH, AD, ZTP V1A, HD-1, vWD clear

more information here


Judi vom Burgenland

7th - "Erebus"Image

* September 2015

2 black males, 1 black female, 3 brown males, 3 brown females


Erebus Princess Enola Gay

BH, HD A (Germany), vWd carrier, DCM DNA tested, Dilute N/N, Cardio free (Echo Doppler July '14 & July '15), thyroid normal, PHTVL/PHPV - Cataract - CEA-PRA free, RD free, Hypoplasie free, Micropapilla free, San Marino - Moldova - Macedonia - Georgia - Azerbaijan - Montenegro Champion, Jugend Siegerin 2012 of Macedonian Dobermann Club, Bulgarian Youth - Bulgarian Grand Youth - Balkan Youth Champion

more information here


Erebus Princess Quadir Amador
Erebus Prince Quadira Qae
Erebus Princess Quanta Namera
Erebus Princess Que Sera

6th - "von der Horringhauser Höh"Image

* September 12th, 2015

Destiny von der Horringhauser Höh

BH, ZTP SG1A, AD, VPG 2, IPO 3, HD-1, Cardio-free (June 2015), DCM negative (October 2011), International - Switzerland - Austrian - German VDH Champion, candidate for German DV Champion

more information here


Quechua von der Horringhauser Höh

5th - "Qui Terret"Image

* October 25th, 2014

Secret Dreams of Sirius Cu Noziro

IPO 1, Sweden - Norway Champion, Norway Winner 2011 & 2012

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Qui Terret Cosmic Karma


4th - "von Gerdautal"Image

* 0,0

Moonage Daydream vom Gerdautal

ZTP V1A, HD-1, vWd clear, Dilute DD free, thyroid: normal (12/2013), no signs of DCM (07/2013)

more information here



3rd - "di Casa Pucci"Image

* 0,0

Pippy di Casa Giardino

ZTP 1a, IPO 3, participant of IDC Championship 2013, 2012, 2011

more information here



2nd - "von der Horringhauser Höh"Image

* October 28th, 2013

Ardens Chili

BH, AD, ZTP, VPG 3, HD-1, PHTVL/PHPV free Cardio/EKG free, Gen Test/USA negative, International - VDH - Luxembourg - Swiss - Austrian Champion

more information here


Monroe von der Horringhauser Höh
Morticia von der Horringhauser Höh

1st - "vom Burgenland"Image

* May 6th, 2013

6 black males, 3 black females


Elisa vom Burgenland

HD-1, vWD-clear, DCM-free (06/2012) ZTP V1B, BH, IPO1, (100/86/96)
German Champion VDH
Candidate for DV & International Ch

more information here

Hank vom Burgenland
Haydn vom Burgenland
Homer vom Burgenland
Hubertus vom Burgenland
Hulk Hogan vom Burgenland
Hanna vom Burgenland
Helena vom Burgenland